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What is M-Blaster?

M-Blaster is a simple shoot-em-up game written in JavaScript for Mozilla, Netscape 6, and Internet Explorer 5. If you have one of these browsers, and JavaScript switched on, you can try the game right away!

You've probably seen a game like this before, although we didn't base it specifically on any existing version. You play a missile commander in charge of defending several cities from incoming missles with a single missile launcher. To launch a missle, click where you want your missle to detonate. There's no limit on how quickly or how often you can fire, but every time you fire it costs you one point. Every time an incoming missle explodes, you get one point for every city still alive plus an additional point for your launcher. It takes some skill, because after you click, it takes a while for your missle to get there, and the incoming missles just keep coming faster and faster. You can gain lots of points for a single shot if you can cause a chain-reaction!

How and Why?

M-Blaster was originally written by Randy Cox and myself for the fun of it. Before long, however, we realized it might make a good project to submit to the 5k contest. The version we submitted is a little bit stripped down, and was only rated 3.25 out of 5 by the users, but it was still fun to do.

You can also take a look at the JavaScript source code, either in normal form (plain text), or in a sort of crunched version (plain text). The latter was produced by my own home-spun Perl script (plain text), so that the JavaScript combined with the low-resolution graphics would still take up disk space of under under 5K.