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CTX: C context for Vim

About CTX

CTX is an attempt to help Vim users navigate in C program files with very large function definitions. Such files should generally not exist, but alas they do, and sometimes we need to make changes to them.

This script helps by opening a small window in your Vim session and keeping up-to-date with a few lines of text describing your cursor's current scope or context in a C file.

CTX is the result of a collaboration between Aaron Brooks and myself. It is not perfect and can be confused by unusual or incorrect code. However, it tries to be fast and relatively accurate under 'normal' circumstances, and even works fairly well on incomplete files. We hope you find it to be useful.

Change history

Changes for 1.17

Changes for 1.16




The latest version is ctx-1.17.vim [13k], which requires Vim 6 with perl support. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (the infamous GPL), which means anyone can use it for free.