Nate’s Zeppelins

[Model airship in a wind tunnel]

Nate is my son. As I began to talk about airships around the house and look at designs of airships on the web, he naturally became interested as well. Here you can see him testing a scale model in a wind tunnel he built himself.

No, of course that's not Nate. Nate's a little younger, and his creations are a little less ... uh, refined, shall we say? As best I can tell this is actually a picture of Ludwig Prandtl.

Most of Nate's work has been markers or crayons, and you can see a very small selection of his large volume of work below.

[Dual-prop airship]

Of course he didn't draw that one either, but you can see he was inspired by it in all of these:

[Drawing of an airship]

This next one shares the same basic design, seems to have grown wings. Or perhaps those are tail fins where “tail” means “middle”

[Drawing of an airship]

And finally, airships for the whole family. You can actually see our little faces staring out of the windows of the middle one. The propellers down the side are for some kind of aerial train. Or maybe not. I have no idea.

[Drawing of several airships]